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10th February 2011 - Bedford Modern Junior School's House Music Competition...

The Songmen continued their educational outreach work last week in accepting an invitation through Voces Cantabliles from Bedford Modern Junior School to their House Music Competition. This was the fourth year the competition had run, but the first time the school had invited a professional music group to lead the day.

The theme of the competition was "Believe" and it underpinned the choice of music and performance throughout the day.

After performing an opening swing number for the school, The Songmen led a warm-up exercise to energise the 150 singers.

The entire Junior School took part, split into their four Houses, Liddle, Poole, Taylor and Kaye.
Each House was allocated a Songmen to work with in rehearsal sessions throughout the day in order to prepare three pieces for a final competition performance later on:

1. A House Song – selected from "Believe", Lin Marsh, "I'm a Believer", Neil Diamond, "I believe I can fly", R Kelly and "Don't Stop Believing", Journey/Glee.
2. A Round or Partsong – chosen by the Songmen and taught to each House during the day.
3. A Soundscape – based on the poem "Sand" by Carol Ann Duffy and also not revealed to the Houses until the morning of the event. In addition to the dedicated Songmen in each House, the remaining two Songmen adjudicated the overall competition and provided additional coaching and support.

Before the final performances, The Songmen were given opportunity to entertain the whole Junior School in performing more pieces from their jazz and soul repertoire before leading their Houses in the final performances. The Songmen's coaching of the young singers on their vocal projection and sound, stance and stage presence, facial expressions and even a little choreography helped ensure that all Houses put on exciting and varied performances.

Nick Yelland, Headmaster of the Junior School said: "This year's Junior House Music Competition contained so much variety; it was all brilliant. Pupils showed many different interpretations of songs and performed with enthusiasm and commitment."

You can click here to see the event reviewed on the school's website.






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