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The Songmen are committed to producing exciting and varied programmes and carefully devise a number of pre-conceived concert programmes that they perform each season. This season's programmes are below. Should you have a bespoke programme request please contact us here. Otherwise, to find out more you can download any of the programme info sheets.


Programme 1 - Sacred, Soul 'n' Swing
Programme 2 - Faith, Folk & Frivolity
Programme 3 - Midnight
Programme 4 - A Sacred Place - One Hour Concert
Programme 5 - Good People All! (Christmas Programme)



Sacred, Soul 'n' Swing

‘Sacred, Soul ‘n’ Swing’ covers such a wide variety of styles and themes, there is something in there for everyone to enjoy.


Showcasing the group’s skill and influences, this varied programme takes the audience on a journey starting in 16th century Europe with examples of fine sacred Renaissance polyphony contrasting with contemporary sacred works, on to beautiful folksong and spiritual arrangements both old and new and finally arriving in 1960s America for a series of cool soul and laid-back swing arrangements.


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Faith, Folk & Frivolity

‘Faith, Folk & Frivolity’ is a new programme for this season, focusing on the faith of sacred music from across the ages, folk song arrangements, old and new, and fun and frivolous madrigals all presented in The Songmen's fun yet perfectly balanced and blended style.


Showcasing the group’s skill and influences, this varied programme takes the audience on a journey starting in 16th century Europe with examples of fine sacred Renaissance polyphony contrasting with contemporary sacred works, on to a varied selection of madrigals and folk songs, returning to the 16th century but bring us right up to the present day through arrangements by Francis Poulenc and our own Ben Sawyer. The programme closes with a selection of jazz and pop numbers, showing off The Songmen at their versatile best.


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This cool collection of jazz and pop songs is complimented with folk and spiritual favourites from the group’s lighter repertoire and will surely have you tapping your feet and wanting to dance.


It features many songs from the group’s CARA nominated album ‘Midnight’, as well as other favourites. You’ll be taken on a journey from folk and spirituals through 1920’s jazz, 1980’s soul and into the most current classic pop genre. Many of the arrangements in this programme are by members of the group and are only ever performed by The Songmen – you won’t hear them anywhere else! So put on your best suit and dancing shoes and enjoy.

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A Sacred Place – one hour concert

Inspired by The Songmen’s beautiful album of the same name, ‘A Sacred Place’ takes the audience on a spiritual journey both across the ages and around the world; perfect for a reflective late-night recital or devotional mid-afternoon concert.

Opening with the spectacular Totus Tuus, inspired by apostolic motto of Pope John Paul II, this programme grabs any listener and demands their attention and consideration. The musical journey reflects some of the finest and most magnificent polyphony to come from Renaissance England and Europe, including an exclusive performing edition of Victoria’s Lamentation IX and William Byrd’s wonderfully overt flattery of his monarch “O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth, our Queen”. Complementing these are choice examples of further contemporary works from Estonia, Ireland and England resulting in a programme that showcases the brilliance of sacred music.


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Good People All! (Christmas Programme)

‘Good People All!’ takes a selection of traditional Christmas melodies in arrangements old and new. A fantastic way to reflect on this amazing story and to celebrate this most special time of the year.

We tell the tale of the Nativity from the perspective of the good people who play a part in this amazing story. Starting at Advent with Philip Lawson’s memorable arrangement of ‘Veni, Veni Emmanuel’, we describe Mary’s visitation from the Angel Gabriel and her reaction to his news. Ben’s new arrangement of ‘Cherry Tree Carol’ represents her ever-present spouse, Joseph, and the coming of Jesus Himself is depicted through pieces setting this wonderful scene. After the interval come the Shepherds and the Magi and all the people celebrating the birth of Jesus.


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