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Offical Biographies and Photos Available to Download

Here you can download our official biographies and photos to use in your advertising media.


PLEASE NOTE: Always check with the group that the biographies and photos are the newest versions before printing or publishing.


Download Press Release December 2012

A press release written about our recent Tolosa Choral Contest Success - Download here


Download All Publicity Media As A Zip File

All Songmen Pubicity Media (biography, hi-res photos and media pack) - Download here


Group Biography

Group Biography Word 1997-2003 Format - Download here

Group Biography Word 2007 Format - Download here

Group Biography PDF Format - Download here


Media Pack 2011 - 2012

Media Pack PDF Format - Download here


Hi-Res Photos For Print and Web Media

Zip file of hi-res photos for print and web media - Download here




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Ben 7th July 2014

Regular followers will have noticed that things have slowed down a little for The Songmen over the past few months. Away from the group, we have each been living life and following other projects, some work-based and others more personal.  Guy for instance is looking to be the next Kevin McC...


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